I am 58 years old but certainly feel like a 45 year old after taking Swissoats A111 for the past 5 years.

I must thank my wife for introducing Swissoats A111 to me after she experienced the health benefits from it after one year of consumption. The following good effects have been the result of my faithful consumption of Swissoats A111 in the last 5 years :-

  • My stamina and energy level has improved tremendously. Before I took SWISSOATS A111®, it was impossible for me to engage in any physical as well as mental activity for half a day continuously but after I started taking SWISSOATS A111® on a daily basis, I can be busy for the whole day without feeling tired at all.
  • Another significant health benefit I acquired through SWISSOATS A111® is that my blood pressure has gradually dropped from 140 to 125. I measure my blood pressure at least 3 times a week and it has been constantly in the region of 125 to 128 now.
  • My libido has also improved significantly!

Mr. K.H. Goh

I am in my late 40's and I have been taking Swissoats A111® in the last 3 years. Ever since I was on Swissoats A111®, I have been very, very happy with my improved alertness, stamina and energy level. As a result, I am enjoying better quality of life in every sense! I have never been happier with my health before taking Swissoats A111® and now I honestly swear by it!

Mr. W. Liaw

I have been taking Swissoats from the day this product was launched. Initially I was appealed by the libido effect of Swissoats. And I found that besides the libido effect, I noticed my physical well being also improved. Swissoats is nature's gift to mankind.

Mr. G. Nabi

I have been taking my daily morning dosage of Swissoats A111® over the last 8 years and it has definitely provided me with the extra energy and drive whenever I work out at the gym. Not withstanding this, I believe the product also helps to regulate and enhance my breathing capability and makes my workout more effective and enjoyable.

My wife also swears by Swissoats A111®. Whenever she feels tired and lethargic, she tells me that Swissoats A111 comes to her rescue and she feels like a revitalized and rejuvenated lady again.

Thank you Swissoats A111® for making our lives more pleasant and meaningful.

Mr. J. Khoo

SWISSOATS A111® has helped me to be more active.

Mr. S.C. Goh

I will strongly recommend SWISSOATS A111® to my friends for stamina, energy and anti-aging.

Ms. G.C. Sim

I would certainly recommend my friends to try SWISSOATS A111® as I have benefited from its affects such as improving my alertness and concentration, and boosting my overall performance.


SWISSOATS A111® increased my energy levels in one and a half months of consumption. I will recommend it to all.

Mr. W.B. Tan

SWISSOATS A111® is a good supplement, easy to digest, with no after side effects. An excellent rejuvenation energizing supplement.