Increase vitality

The key to increase vitality

Testosterone is one of the most effective natural solutions to boost vitality in us. By the age of 40, women are only left with 50 per cent of the amount they started out with at 20. What’s worse, existing testosterone begins to bind with certain proteins in the body and become inactive.

Testosterone is also vital for sexual desire and satisfaction for both sexes. This translates into more intimacy, better relationships and greater confidence. Finally, touted as the youth hormone, it is closely related to energy levels, vitality and a general sense of well-being.

Regain Youth & Vitality

Fortunately, SWISSOATS provides the natural solution to age-related testosterone decline. Instead of introducing harmful chemicals into your body and putting you at risk of unknown side effects, SWISSOATS frees up bounded testosterone already present in your body enabling them to work their magic. One of the few health supplements supported by clinical studies in Singapore, the United States and Europe, SWISSOATS has been clinically tested to increase vitality and heighten the libido.

But that’s not all. Picking three of the very best ingredients from nature, SWISSOATS provides the all-in-one, essential recipe to good health and vitality.

Green oats

As you probably already know, free radicals are naturally produced in the body during metabolism and when the body is exposed to certain environmental stressors such as pollution and radiation. Free radicals are highly unstable and will react quickly with other compounds in the body to trigger a chain reaction that can disrupt living cells, and cause cellular and tissue damage.

On top of accelerating the ageing process, free radicals are also implicated in a few hundred diseases, some of which may be life-threatening. One of the main ingredients in SWISSOATS, green oats, has a high content of antioxidants that help to sweep up free radicals. As a result, SWISSOATS can help you to reap to benefits of the youth hormone already present in your body.

Stinging nettle

A flowering plant native to Europe, Asia, northern Africa and North America, stinging nettle is yet another powerful ingredient in SWISSOATS. Rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, lipids and chlorophyll, stinging nettle has been used as a medicinal plant throughout history.

Amongst its innumerable benefits, stinging nettle is believed to improve blood circulation, allergies, as well as several other illnesses. A nourishing agent for pregnant women, stinging nettle is known to increase milk production in lactating mothers. Inducing positive effects on hormones and certain proteins, this amazing plant is also perfect for menopausal women.

Sea buckthorn

The final ingredient in SWISSOATS, sea buckthorn, is the fruit with the highest content of vitamin C among all known fruit and vegetables. And with antiviral, antibacterial and immune-boosting qualities, vitamin C is vital for the healing of wounds, the production of collagen, the metabolism of cholesterol and the absorption of iron. Moreover, this unique fruit has yet greater claims to fame. Containing no less than eight vitamins, 24 mineral compounds and 18 amino acids, sea buckthorn is used in many parts of Asia and Europe as a medicine for physical weakness, headaches, mental exhaustion, infections, high blood pressure and even eye diseases. There’s no single point in time when you suddenly go over the hill and become ‘old’. Staying young and healthy is a constant commitment you make to yourself. So let SWISSOATS be your faithful companion and help you find your second bloom of youth.

Ask Yourself

Do you feel old? Is age really all in the mind? If you find that with each passing year, your energy level is dipping, you are less resistant to viruses and your skin is losing elasticity, your age is definitely catching up with you and simply psyching yourself won’t do.

While most people accept this as a natural part of ageing, this does not have to be the case! As it is, Hollywood has already thrown up a few role models – just think Madonna, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gong Li. All these gorgeous women are past 50. But their confidence, energy levels and sex appeal would give younger women a run for their money anytime.

Look no further! Turn to SWISSOATS to experience the vitality of youth again!